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1" and 2" Case Coders

case coding simplified

The .Core integrated heads are the essence of what makes inc.jet’s industrial printing solutions so successful—rugged design, solid connections to external elements and the finest print heads in the industry, all provided in a commercial off-the-shelf system.


With a bulk ink handling system included as an essential part of an integrated head, .core units are the most cost effective way of printing on cases and cartons. And with an ink designed specifically for printing on Kraft Corrugate and other carton materials available, total running costs are minimized at all times.

  Rugged industrial design for the most demanding installations


  Lowest total operating cost of any inkjet case coder


  Instant cost per mark and ink usage reporting


  Variable and fixed data capability


  SQL Database connectivity


  Simple ASCII interface to supply dynamic data from scanners

     and PLC’s


  Online/Offline job creation

inc.jet’s integrated heads are enclosed in an industrialized stainless steel casing for maximum protection. Seamlessly included in this rugged housing is a print controller and a bulk ink system.


The integrated head has connections for encoders, stack lights, and an internal or external sensor as well as an Ethernet port for connecting to an inc.jet User Interface or even external data sources.




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  2” or 1" Print Head

  Accessory Kit (Sensor, encoder and Stack Light)

  15" or 6"  User Interface (with Design and/or Management software)

  Industrial Stand

  Bulk Ink System


Add a further 2” print capability with:


  Additional 2” Print Head

  Additional Bulk Ink System