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Expanded Capabilities

for greater flexibility in package coding

The ability  to print on multiple sides of a package means that you can take two printers and replace them with one, saving you money and complexity. With UNO Plus the individual  pens  can  be  joined together and print up to 2” if required.


Building on the simplicity of a single pen .UNO with a 7” screen and UI, there is now  a way to attach up to 4 pens and a stack light to the .UNO Plus.


The .UNO Plus packaging printer’s all-in-one print heads and screen give you a simple, yet incredibly powerful way to print in single lane scenarios or up to 4 separate lanes, making them ideal for VFFS Applications.


Using inc.jet’s proven and highly reliable print solutions based on HP technology, the .UNO Plus is the ideal product for serialization, barcodes and human readable printing.