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The OnBoardRIP functionality allows a user to compose and store job templates in an Imager and print them without using a GUI. These job templates may contain static data, dynamic data, or both static data and dynamic data. A job is composed and stored in the Imager’s flash memory along with hardware configurations using the OnBoardRIP GUI or custom hosts using XML files.


Graphics Software

sophisticated printing interface

inc.jet has the most flexible and  powerful software available to enable complete control of the print environment.

Printing is controlled by Graphical User Interface (GUI) software, where print layouts are created. Fixed and dynamic data are sent to the imager.  Based on a familiar Windows architecture, there is no programming expertise required from the user. Intuitive controls and design processes allow for rapid and simple creation of custom print jobs and their subsequent control and monitoring.

If you do not want or need to use any of the inc.jet front end software options, then it is possible to talk directly too the print head using inc.jet's custom open message protocol.

jet.engine GUI


Onboard RIP